Entering the Final Stretch for Clean Water

Gem Village, Kenya


There is a great joy that comes along with the settling of dust, such as the settled dust from having a borehole drilled. For years, Gem Village struggled in search of clean water and people suffered due to a lack of sufficient water for both domestic and livestock use. Many activities became grounded due to inadequate water and the community was paralysed. But GHNI and another organisation came together and drilled a borehole in Gem which has helped the community greatly.  


Some of the work has not yet been completed so the benefit of this water has not been fully realised. Some villagers are still having to rely on river water which can be dangerous as it contains deadly waterborne diseases such as cholera. In the past, poor water conditions have claimed many lives but GHNI’s initiatives and continued support have turned this around. GHNI continues to encourage other partner organisations to help finish the project so that all of Gem can have clean water. It is a challenge but GHNI’s efforts will continue.  


Transformational Community Development (TCD) Update


Most of the children are attending school and benefitting from an education. Water continues to be a real challenge due to the dry conditions. The borehole has been drilled but solar panels have not yet been installed. Businesses are expanding and many have paid their soft loans back, a good indicator of transformation. The Community Health Workers (CHWs) are well-linked with the ministry of health and have reached out to the community with support and knowledge. There are no farms in this area, since water continues to be a problem and some villagers still use river water for domestic purposes.


Thank you!



GHNI National Field Leader