Entrepreneurs Overcoming Poverty

Due to the nature of our work in the field, it's not always possible to provide a high quality photo. We're happy to provide a current visual of our work despite the quality.

Shambani Village, Kenya

Day by day, lives and livelihoods in Shambani Village were transformed and improved. Supported through soft loans from GHNI, Micro Entrepreneurship had worked wonders in the village. People became busy with income generation, and the spirit of idleness was broken down. There was also a decrease in problems that came along with poverty and idleness such as drunkenness and immorality, which had spread HIV/AIDS among other things.

Apua was busy earning income for her family. She was once a brewer of dangerous alcoholic drinks, but now she was deeply involved in her charcoal business. She didn’t spend time making it herself. Rather, she went elsewhere to buy it at a cheaper price and then sold her store in Shambani. The retail price made enough profits to sustain her family and pay back her loan in installments.

Apua was one of many aggressive businesswomen in Shambani Village with great purpose and success!


GHNI TCD Worker, Kenya