Equal Opportunities for All Children

Shambani Village, Kenya


In the world today, education is the basic need for both girls and boys. In some parts of the world, this is not the case and Shambani Village is one of the places where girls’ education is not valued. Maria is one of the victims of such child abuse. She dropped out of school at grade five and got married to an elderly man of 42 years because he was rich and famous in that village.


Our primary interest is to help the most vulnerable children in the community. We use community education and weekly lessons to empower village leaders and help them recognize a greater vision for these girls. As a result, the community has learned the importance of educating its girls.


The lessons focused on the ill effect of early marriage on girls and the importance of education for both genders. The community established a committee to identify those children who had been affected. After a long struggle, Maria was identified as one of the victims and was rescued and taken back to school. She worked hard while in school, passed her national exam, and went on to secondary school. The community is very proud of its efforts and for bringing hope to this hopeless girl. The community thanked GHNI and its partners for the enlightenment and education we brought to them. The village is now seeing that all children have equal rights in society and Maria has become an inspiration to other girls her age.