Equipped to Support Her Baby

Isiolo Empowerment Centre, Kenya


Empowerment is a college training school that helps students from vulnerable communities who are school dropouts, or who were not able to further their studies in the universities.


One such girl is a teenager who got pregnant while in high school and dropped out. We met her while we were doing community visits in Kiwanjani. After speaking with the girls there, we found out that because of the poverty levels of their parents, they are out of school most of the time due to lack of school fees. They also lack food at their homes, and this is what led them to provide favours for food, which led to pregnancy. 


One of the girls enrolled in our school, and she is now continuing with her education. She has learnt some sewing skills that she uses when she goes back to her community. This has helped her earn a small income, which helps her support her baby and her family as well.


The girl thanks the GHNI family for their concern, encouragement and for mentorship which has transformed her life. She has expressed her gratitude and she is now a happy and hopeful woman.


Thank you!



GHNI National Field Leader