Escaping Death in Syria

Refugees in Lebanon

In Bekaa Valley, in one of the hundreds of camps located near the Syrian borders, countless refugees wait for the violence to stop. This camp was infected with scabies disease. We provided medicine after the American doctor team from GHNI examined them. On the 5th February, with our partner NGOs, we distributed to them 70 mattresses, 70 blankets, 25 carpets, and 23 tents to more than 35 families who live there.

In Lebanon, GHNI is trying to help and give hope to many women and children living in camps to minimize their suffering. Syrian refugee women share about their heartaches:

“We became prey to every man. We are experiencing lack of security and protection, lack of justice and hope. We escaped and left death in Syria, only to find it waiting for us here. Our families got separated, and our husbands are missing, in prison, or killed. We have run out of money and getting less aid from other organizations. We are driven to survive through sex to feed our children and pay rent. We are pushing our daughters into early marriage, hoping they will find protection. Our children often get sexually and physically abused and exploited. They have limited or no access to education. We are isolated from regular community and family support systems. We feel shameful and humiliated for losing everything.”


GHNI Representative, Lebanon