Even a Smile Can Bring Encouragement and Hope

Refugees in Jordan


Syrian Refugees in Jordan


We handed out blankets to the Syrian refugees who came to the new clinic, as well as some packs of rice and lentils. The patients had no idea that they would be receiving anything. They went there to get medical treatment, but after everyone was done being checked by the doctor, we started to call their names (as in their UNHCR papers) and gave each family two blankets and food packets.


The families were so happy and thankful. Also, we had some gifts for the children, like sacks full of cookies and yummy stuff. They were absolutely so happy. It is dear to get the chance to see and hear their joyful expressions and sounds while sharing with their mothers.


The story of *Layal


Layal is from Syria and has been in Jordan for seven years, still waiting to be reunited with her sons one day. The family fled Syria because of the bad situation, and that was even before the more horrific attacks began there. At the time, there were governmental problems and people against each other, so the rest of the family decided to flee to Jordan.

Layal and one of her sons came to Jordan first, then her husband followed. While she was alone before her husband arrived, she and her son starved and had no food to eat. It was difficult and even after the husband arrived, the situation was still tough because he was not able to work because of his sickness. He's struggling with heart problems and asthma, which makes his body weak and he can't walk longer than ten minutes. Her son had to leave school to work and provide for the family. Her son was only in the eighth grade when he left school. Now he’s twenty years old and has been working since he left school.


Above all of that, the situation was getting worse with Layal’s sickness. She had stomach cancer and went through surgery and chemotherapy. Layal feels so sad and bad about how she was forced by life’s circumstances and made her son work at a really young age instead of studying and learning in school like any normal kid. She feels like she stopped him from studying and it breaks her heart. If he had gone to school, he would be done by now.


Families Adopting Families


One Sunday, there were a lot of Iraqi refugees who attended our meeting and about eighty refugees in all were there. After the meeting, we decided to surprise them and handed out blankets, winter clothing, jackets, etc. Everyone was so happy, and it was indeed a welcomed surprise! It was such good timing since it has been cold and rainy, and everyone needed warm clothing to wear and not get sick. They were so thankful for the things they received that night and the kids were so happy, smiling big out of excitement.


Yemeni Refugees in Jordan


New clinic


This month our mobile clinic received ninety-seven patients from different nationalities. Many refugees have psychological issues because mental health and/or counseling services are not provided by the health center. This is a big challenge for the refugees.  


*Charity is a 45-year-old Somalian woman with a beautiful heart. She got divorced five years ago and lives alone with her three children. One of her children has autism and she is also suffering from psychological problems. Charity lived in Amman for twelve years, escaping from the war and the bad conditions in her country. There is no financial coverage for therapy. She smiles every time Dr. Rasha gives her a simple encouragement, as the doctor thinks there might be a cure for her bitterness if she receives cognitive psychology therapy!


*Pearl is a single lady from Yemen and is thirty-three years old. Pearl is suffering from depression. She is a beautiful lady who came repeatedly to the clinic asking for any simple treatment. She also needs coverage for therapy. Her sisters thank the organization always for their support and love. 


GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader

*For the purpose of safety and well-being, “Layal,” Charity,” and “Pearl” are pseudonyms for individuals being helped by this project.