Excited GHNI Came to Their Village

Didi Hara Village, Ethiopia

Didi Hara Village is one of the newest areas where GHNI-Ethiopia started Transformational Community Development (TCD). Most of the villagers are very happy about GHNI-Ethiopia.


Before we entered this village, we met the village chief. During the discussion, he said he knew very well about GHNI from what he had heard of our reputation working with other villages south of him. He dreamed one day this organization would come to his village. He wanted to see the same changes that happened in Tuka Village down south!


Now Dida Hara is very encouraged and cooperative. They are very eager about the possible changes! Their life had depended only on cattle, which have been dying from drought. So now they want to learn how to diversify to agriculture.


The children are helping their parents in the field! The village leaders are very cooperative and they are regularly asking us if we need help.


The entire atmosphere is very encouraging and we hope that we can see great progress within a short period of time.