Excited Graduates

Sindh Province, Pakistan


Sewing Class

On our track to empower women, the last sewing group has finished their training course after three months. After finishing the course, the women are able to cut and stitch clothes. They are excited to work hard as the trainer helped them to learn a lot of new verities of fashion. Most of the women add to their husband’s income by stitching clothes.


*Sana completed the three-month sewing training at our sewing center. She has lots of goals to support her family. Sana shared, “This training center gave me new direction to live. I not only learned how to stitch clothes, but also how to live and how to face challenges. I want to help my family by stitching clothes. As I am encouraged from here, I have already decided to send my younger sister here to learn.”


Computer Center


The three-month training of computer technology is complete. Our trainer helped the students gain much knowledge of the computer. Students also spent lot of time practicing and doing the assignments. Some students are already helping in the center and found jobs in different sectors. We are reaching toward our goal to equip the youth by providing them computer training and have already registered new students in the center for the next classes.


*Irum recently completed her computer training, and she is very excited to have received training on computer technology. She aims to be a software engineer. Irum shared, “I was way behind when I joined this academy. I found an atmosphere of progress and it inspired me to reach for higher studies in computer technology from a university. I really appreciate this opportunity at this academy, where I found myself becoming a role model for my community.”




Since agriculture constitutes the largest sector of our economy, the majority of the population, directly or indirectly, is dependent upon agriculture. We are uplifting the community by providing the farming project. We are also planning to start a fish farm, which will also provide resources for many villagers.


After a lot of hard work and struggles with cultivation, the land is ready to sow the crops. In coming weeks, the farmer will sow the fodder for animals. This will help to generate income. This will be the first crop after adding the natural fertilizer.


Partner TCD Worker

*For the purposes of safety and wellbeing, “Sana” and “Irum” are pseudonyms for the people being helped by this project.