Expanding Agricultural Development

Harowayo Village, Ethiopia


Guyo is 53 years old and married. He has six children. He was a soldier and wounded during the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea. He gets a small retirement payment from the government, which is not enough for him and his family. Before we started work in his village, he had a severe problem. Now a member of the Income Generation group, he has learned how to make additional income for his family. Before he started, two of his children could not go to school. Now all his children can attend school. His hope is growing.


We are helping the villagers by providing different improved seeds and facilitating Transformational Community Development (TCD) training for the project villages. We will persevere in our activity and plan to establish more groups for agriculture and income generation. We are planning to recruit another 50 people from the village. Most of the members will be women. If we receive more funds, we are planning to dig three more wells in this village. When we expand the agriculture group, it will require more money for special seed and water pumps for the irrigation.



GHNI National Field Leader