Expanding Sales and Profits

Shambani Village, Kenya


GHNI has been giving micro loans to Shambani villagers. Mama Alice is one of the beneficiaries and she used her loan to start selling charcoal. She buys charcoal from burners and then sells it to other people who are living in town areas. Business went well since charcoal was more in demand by villagers who live in town. After Mama Alice profited a bit, she decided to shift to other businesses and stopped selling charcoal in order to sell goats. She buys goats from the community and takes them to the Isiolo market and sells them there.


Mama Alice started gaining more from her business and her profits enabled her to provide for her family. She was able to meet her family needs and her living standard started improving, day by day, by selling the goats three days a week. She began saving money and, because business was going so well, she decided to start selling cows, as well. She buys cows from a herder and takes them to the market. Mama Alice does well in her business, and this helps her a lot. She uses whatever she earns for her children’s school fees and family’s needs. Mama Alice is very thankful to GHNI for giving her a loan that has helped her a lot.


Transformational Community Development Update


Food: Training sessions were held this month on how to prepare farm land for planting. In all, 80 villagers participated in the training and the session went well. The community is also addressing issues with animals destroying farmlands and are planning to build fencing to protect the crops.


Water: Protecting water resources was a focus this month and 17 villagers and committee members attended training on how to address water contamination by humans and pipe destruction by animals.


Wellness: The Wellness committee focused on cleanliness and hygiene this month. The GHNI coach educated five community health workers on how to prevent bedbugs and lice. The committee and community health workers trained 89 villagers on cleanliness and hygiene.


Education: The importance of educating girls was a central focus this month. Parents and students alike, 120 in all, participated in training that emphasized how critical education is to all girls. The committee is hoping to find some volunteers to help support the cost of building repairs.


Income: Fifty-six villagers received training on how to improve their standard of living by using their on-hand capital. The attendees were engaged and inquisitive during the training session. The committee had to follow up with villagers who have not been paying their loans back as scheduled.