Experience from Abroad Inspires Vision

Polewali, Indonesia


Salim is one member of the Polewali community who uses knowledge gained from experience living on the outside to try and raise the level of awareness in his village as to how life can be, instead of just accepting the status quo. Salim, now in his mid- to late-thirties, took a boat to the neighbouring island of Borneo when he was merely 15 years old, in order to look for work. Over the years he spent there, he saw how small villages can utilise the resources around them, turning the resources into opportunities for a better life.


Eventually, Salim returned to his home village in Polewali to be with his extended family. He currently raises two goats as his primary source of Income. However, it is far from ideal. He does not own the goats, but rather they are owned by a wealthier individual outside the community. The way that he earns income is that when the goats have kids, the kid is sold and Salim gets half of the income from the sale. In essence, he works every day to earn money without any assurance of timely payment or price. This is a typical scenario in the Polewali Village, and one that keeps people living in the poverty cycle.


As the GHNI team and the village committee discussed Income Generation opportunities, Salim was very adamant that if they worked together, they could move toward owning their own goats and double their income. Currently, as Salim and the committee work on bringing the community together, the GHNI team is collecting information and preparing to help train village residents to achieve the vision set forth by Salim and the village Transformational Community Development (TCD) committee.


Thank you,

Jeremy, Indro and Didi

GHNI Partner TCD Workers