Eye Care Convoy

Helwan Village, Egypt

We have started implementation of a health plan throughout the El Zabaleen area, beginning with a special medical convoy for eyes in conjunction with another organization. The doctors came with all their devices, equipment, and medical necessities and did eye worksheets for 85 men, women, and children.

After the examinations, we discovered some people in need of x-rays and operations. We will continue to do everything necessary for their treatment. As soon as possible, we will arrange another medical convoy to serve in several disciplines such as gynecological, skin disease, bones, and children.

We look forward sharing about the official opening of the community center soon. Now we have a beautiful green place in the desert. When the women and children saw the place, they were very happy.

Thank you! Your help has enabled us to offer these people services they would not normally receive.


GHNI National Field Leaders, Egypt