Blog: Ezbit el Nakhl Village

Aspects of Life

Lessons for Life

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt

In continuing to serve the villagers of Ezbit el Nakhl, we have arranged for many different lectures on the following subjects: “Success “, “The Importance of Reading”, “Giving”, and “How to Improve Your Skills through Drawing and Painting.” Also, we have provided a video along with each lecture to demonstrate what we’re teaching.

Kindness Counts

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt

In continuing to serve the villagers of Ezbit el Nakhl, we presented lessons covering wellness. One topic was “How to care for our outward beauty and appearance.” Other topics focused on “Know the value of what we have” and “Intestinal disease.”

We also sent out a medical convoy for three focuses: stomach, bones, and children’s health. About 275 men, women, and children were examined. All were given medicines. We had a collection of winter clothes to distribute as well.

Filling Hearts with Practical Help

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt

Children’s Program

This past month, we distributed school tools to 220 children. All of them are very poor and can't buy these supplies. One hundred and fifty children received school bags. We also took twenty-seven children the local swimming pool and spent the day with them. We plan to teach lessons in Arabic, English, and math.

Here are some appreciative words from the children:

Ending Poverty One Villager at a Time

No matter where you live, poverty exists.  What we see on our national news, it is just the glimpse of the extreme poverty in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.  Much of the world’s poverty is hidden, covered or ignored in our modern existence.  It is too much for us to bear!

GHNI workers cannot turn away from the realities. Our field workers walk daily alongside hidden and hurting communities. They watch as villages transform before their eyes.  There is a solution to poverty and it lies within villagers; it lies within those currently living in poverty.

Women and Children Engage in Change

The dedication of the GHNI-Egypt team has proven fruitful, as explained through their recent update on women’s and children’s programs.

Ezbit el Nakhl, Egypt

“We presented awareness lessons in different fields to the ladies. About health, we talk about gout disease. About social, how to face financial problems. About emotional, we talk about turning bad choices to good choices. Also, educating about how to protect our children from risk and dangerous things such as electricity and fire.