Facing Fears

Ezbet el Nakhl Village, Egypt


After we gave Transformational Community Development (TCD) training to the Committee in Ezbet El Nakhl, the participants were so excited and positive. We challenged the training team and the Committee to think about a project to reach more people in the area. We decided to do medical tests that included comprehensive blood, sugar, and urine tests. The Committee arranged the day very well and assigned responsibilities among them. They reached and arranged for a doctor. They informed the villagers of the date, making sure that everyone was wearing a mask and checked their temperature. Tests were performed on 107 individuals for all age groups.


While distributing the tests, we presented an awareness lesson on salts and pus and their prevention.

Most of the tests showed salts and pus in the urine. This distribution helped us to reach out to more villagers from the area. 


Focusses of This Past Quarter

We discussed violence, adolescence, forgiveness and preparing for school. We also taught about failure, the role of the mother in the family and prevention of pus and salts in the urine. Other topics included fire aids, Neuritis, strengthening the immune system. We trained the committee, did medical tests and had a shoe sale.


Plans for the Next Quarter

We will discuss time management, speech, behaviour and rebellion. We will teach about positive speech, women with osteoporosis, stomach ulcers, breast self-exam, generational differences, heartburn, and GERD. We will have a seminar on marital disputes. We are also planning to teach handicrafts and soap making. 


Children of Ezbit el Nakhl

We taught the children to use their minds and not to be fearful. Demiana Amgad told her story: I stood up in the middle of the class to share the change that happened in my life and said, “I was afraid of the darkness when the light went out, and I was thinking that there was a ghost entering to suffocate me. I was very scared and shaken. After I listened to the lesson and learnt to use my mind correctly, I am not afraid of the darkness anymore. I realised all those thoughts were only in my mind. The door was closed, and my sisters and brothers were next to me, which means that we are safe at this moment. I felt some inner peace. I learnt to use my mind and to face my fears.”


Focusses of This Past Quarter

We taught lessons about hate, fear, stubbornness, rebellion, and bad words. We discussed the importance of education and the benefits and dangers of the Internet. We had a Christmas party.  We had a lesson about viruses and fever. There was a shoe sale.


Plans for the Next Quarter

We discussed our plans for the new year. There was also a discussion about equality between the sexes, joy and sadness. We are going to have lessons about justice, literature, and obedience. We will discuss the role of the mother, cooperation, and child development. There will be lessons about diarrhoea, eye care, and dental care.             


Thank you!



GHNI National Field Leader