Failure to Success

Garmaam Village, Ethiopia

Zemzem is living in Garmaam Village with her husband and four children. Before she met the Transformational Community Development (TCD) workers, she tried to start several businesses and was never able to succeed. She could not make progress on her business. Two years ago, Zemzem met the TCD workers and she discussed with them if she could take the training. The TCD workers welcomed her and she joined other trainees.

After she took all the TCD training, Zemzem engaged herself in both the group farm and also started a new business in her village. She says that as a result of her success, she improved their house and built two new rooms for her children. In addition to this, she bought five goats, which have become 12. All her children are now attending school. Finally, she has opened a shop in her house and the business is growing.

As you can see, Zemzem’s lack of successes was not due to her inactivity or lack of ideas. All she needed was a little help and direction that you help provide through your support to Zemzem and the other women in Garmaam Village. Thank you. In addition to the success business activities, I will be giving different TCD lessons for the villagers.

Our next plan in this village is focused on helping the villagers to build their own toilets in their compound, and to also help the irrigation activities in the village.



GHNI TCD Worker, Garmaam, Ethiopia