Fairs and Friendship

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt


Women of Ezbit el Nakhl


This quarter, we held awareness classes for women and had a shoes and clothes fair for all. At the fairs, we sell goods for affordable prices to help villagers get their needs met. The prices nowadays are soaring higher and the fair was attractive to the whole neighborhood because of the vast difference between our prices and market prices. We have heard a lot of encouraging comments from the women, but I was most affected by the words of Om Mina. She told me that she is very pleased that she was able to purchase clothes for both herself and her children. She added that what touched her heart even more than the cheap price was that there are still people who think of the poor and desire to help them. She thanked us and the spirit we held within. Indeed, nothing is better than villagers’ sincere and encouraging appreciation for the work that we do.


During the quarter we also held trainings on important topics such as keeping harmony within a marriage, maintaining a positive and enthusiastic attitude, being patient and generous towards others, and keeping healthy convictions. Next quarter, we plan on discussing health topics such as hypotension and hypertension. We also plan to cover topics including forgiveness, grumbling, selfishness, tension, and pressure. We’ll also talk about the language of dialogue, accepting one another, marriage, and household roles.


Children of Ezbit el Nakhl


Yasmine is a 15-year-old girl who has been a regular attendant of our classes for six years now. During our visit to her family last week, her mom told us that Yasmine has changed remarkably because of us. Previously, she lacked self-confidence and used to stammer. Also, she was always scared of her dad because of his bad temper and violent behavior with family members. Now, she is knowledgeable, self-confident, persistent to achieve success, and is considered a model of good morals. In addition to all of this, she desires to continue her education and she loves all her family members. Usually, she is the one who helps gather the whole family to share a meal together. Also, when a young man proposed to her, she said that she won’t marry at this young age and insisted she would finish her education first. With a contented smile, the mother thanked us dearly because of the change in Yasmine.


Over the last three months, we delivered lectures on healthy nutrition, accident prevention, and first aid for fractures and fever. We held clothes and shoes fairs, played games and worked on handiworks. We completed drawing and coloring activities and even did theatre with the children. It was a productive quarter and we discovered and developed new talents in the children. They also received many lessons, including those on good morals, Arabic, and English, and we held competitions and tests on the lecture subjects. During the lesson breaks, we distributed meals, gifts, fruits, and candies to the children. We provided counseling to 12 children and did home visits to many children’s families. At the end of the year we had a party, and everyone enjoyed themselves!


During the next quarter, we will continue to have fun activities with the children, including a puppet show, drawing and coloring activities, and handiwork. Our lesson plans will include the topics of patience, friendship, honesty, self-confidence, and joy. The children will enjoy treats and gifts between lessons. We’ll provide counseling as needed, talk about the importance of giving and doing good to others, and the important role mothers have in the family.



GHNI National Field Leader