Families Consider Matters of the Heart

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt

Trying a Different Response


One of the ladies who has been attending our classes for a while is Randa. She always has problems with her husband because of his parents and relatives. His relationship with his parents was so strong, he couldn’t make any small decision by himself without asking his mother or his elder sister. It led to big fights between him and his wife, including saying bad words and shouting. Last time, he hit her in front of their children, so Randa left her house and went to her brother's house to live with him. She is not working and hasn't any income to live on. The relationship was cut off between Randa and her husband for as long as a month and a half.

During the lesson, we were talking about life’s difficulties and how, using patience and wisdom, we can deal with our problems. Wisdom in managing her tendencies, especially in difficult situations, could make a difference. After the lesson, Randa talked to me about her problems and asked me what she could do. My advice was for her to return to her house and her husband and face whatever happened.

After two days, she decided to return to her husband and her children. I told her she had to change her manners, try to restrain herself, and not get angry and leave her house again. That she should try talking quietly with her husband and solve their problems without quarreling. We are grateful for the impact these lessons are having on these women to help solve their problems.

“I Will Not Fight.”


I observed the phenomenon of violence in Egyptian society spread among the children. We have seen the whole Egyptian family, sitting in front of freestyle wrestling programs. Our foundation provided social lessons to about 100 children in Ezbit El Nakhl Village.

Helena, a girl in the fourth grade of primary school, consistently quarreled and fought with her elder sister. She always disobeyed her sister and vexed her. Their mother was sick and felt very sad when she saw her daughters like that.

Their father bought a doll as a gift for Helena. She didn't let her elder sister to play with it, so her elder sister continuously hit her. After one of the lessons, Helena’s decided to love her elder sister. She said, “I will let her play with my doll.” Not only that, but she was going to buy a special gift and share every sweet with her sister. She decided to obey her elder sister and never hit her again.


GHNI National Field Leader, Egypt