Families Encouraged; Lives Changed

Đorgovska mahala Village, Serbia


In Đorgovska mahala Village, our Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons, as well as the children's groups, have made many visible changes. Many families are encouraged and there are new villagers who are joining us.


What really excites me is that men from the mahala are also joining our group! This is a fairly new experience. As we went through the board's training, a young man from the mahala wanted to be present while we spoke on the subject of the Requirements of Marital Partners. He listened carefully, liked it, and wanted to apply what he heard in his marital life. That was encouraging for both me and for the committee.


During a large part of the summer, Elizabeth holds seasonal jobs, but she’s always present in the group gathering when she’s home. Her husband is a diabetic and our health lessons meant a lot to her. She learned to help him measure his sugar and check his blood pressure so it would not get worse. Her desire is to have her land produce fruits and vegetables so she may be with her family. Elizabeth’s life has changed since she joined our TCD group.


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