A Family’s New Hope and Prosperity

Gem Village, Kenya


Mary is a young mother taking care of her child. She got pregnant at a tender age while she was in school. The poverty status back at home and in her entire village contributed to her early pregnancy that changed her life miserably. She was the breadwinner for her poor and desperate family, and they depended on her for their livelihood. After she got pregnant, it did not go well with her family, and they felt that they could not survive anymore. They had lost all hope, but a new day dawned when GHNI stepped in to help.


GHNI was helping the poor and hurting people in the community and gave Mary financial support to help her open a shop. This changed her life for better. She now sells foodstuffs and vegetables in the village and the villagers have made a routine of buying from her instead of going to a nearby town. This has boosted her business and she is currently doing well, making a good income that enables her to provide for her child and family. Mary is so grateful to GHNI for the support that helped her realize her dreams, restore hope, and live a reasonable life.


Thank you!