Family is First

Refugees in Jordan


Syrian Refugees in Jordan


We have seen about 50 Syrian refugee patients in our clinic at the House of Ruth. Most of them used to came to the clinic more than one time, and Dr. Fady is following up with their cases. They used the medications and got good results. Most of the patients suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, and infections.


There was a young girl, 18 years old, who has psoriasis and needs medicine. Our clinic does not have that kind of medication, so we went and bought the medication for her. She was so happy and thankful, because the medicine is expensive, and she cannot afford it.


Sometimes the patients come to the clinic just to see the doctor and talk with him, because he listens to them and gives them some advice. Not just medical advice, but also general advice for their lives.



Yemeni Refugees in Jordan

New Clinic


This month, the clinic treated 112 patients with touching stories and difficult situations. The first story is about a strong mom from Yemen with two of her children in Amman.  Her husband suffers from psychological problems but cannot get help in Jordan, so the woman left her husband and one daughter in Yemen so that he could get treatment.


The family was living near the Sana’a airport where rockets were being thrown. The rockets destroyed the woman’s hearing, so she brought her young boy and little girl to Amman, where they’ve lived for two years now. Her story touched Dr. Rasha’s heart but, unfortunately, the doctor wasn’t able to give her all of her needed medications because of limited supplies and budget. Despite all that she's been through, she continued to smile and allowed us to take a photo.


The second story is about a poor baby from Sudan, only ten months old. His mother was killed by his father two months ago and the father is now in jail. His aunt (mother’s sister) came to Amman to raise the child. They are so poor and in hard circumstances, so she came to the clinic seeking vitamins and help for the baby. Dr. Rasha is heartbroken about the baby’s circumstances.


Families Adopting Families


*Mahoma came from Basra, Iraq, and he is married with two daughters and one son. They received many threats while in Iraq but most of the threats were not serious. One day, however, they were threatened by a hostile militia, and told Mahoma and his wife that they were going to take their daughters and marry them to their sons. They threatened to take the whole family by force and make them live in their tradition. So, they decided to run away and come to Jordan.


Their daughter *Lela does a lot of crafts like accessories and embroidery. Their son *Abbas also does a lot of mosaics and sells them in a Philadelphia church. Mahoma is actually sick. He has diabetes and high blood pressure and, when we visited them, he was sleeping because he was tired. We spent time with the family and they were so thankful for our visit. This family is very generous and when we entered their house, they were all smiling and happily brought us coffee and candy.


GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader

*For the purpose of safety and well-being, “Mahoma,” “Lela,” and “Abbas” are pseudonyms for individuals being helped by this project.