From Family Planning to Farming

Community Health Volunteers (CHV) from Shambani Village attended a training on pregnancy and family planning. GHNI partnered with other NGOs in developing and providing this meaningful training. The training took almost a week and participants were taught four key guidelines to address the top issues affecting mothers in our villages:


  • One should be at least 18 years old before giving birth to their first-born child so that the parents are able to provide for the needs of the children.
  • There should be proper spacing between children. Children should be born at least two years apart.
  • Due to the continuous rise of living costs, parents should have a maximum of three children in their lifetime.
  • After a miscarriage or abortion, parents should wait between 6-12 months before conceiving another baby.


After the training, Mama Ann took the initiative to go door-to-door and create an awareness among young moms by sharing these guidelines. The moms received the message with a lot of excitement and are ready to practice it.


Transformational Community Development (TCD) Update

Like the Wellness Committee, our other TCD committees have been at work training villagers on the five core TCD areas. The Food Committee held sessions with 60 farmers and villagers on using manure instead of fertilizers to reduce their costs. We met with the Water Committee and villagers to discuss ideas for protecting community resources and addressing the problem of pipe destruction by animals. The Education Committee and GHNI coach helped to sensitize the Shambani villagers on the importance of education for all genders. We are also looking for donors to help us make needed repairs to the school. The Income Committee held a meeting with 25 villagers to help them develop new ways of generating income while also using their land to increase their standard of living. We also followed up with individuals who have received micro loans.


Thank you!