From Famine to Fruitful Farming

Gem Village, Kenya


It was not so long ago that GHNI heard of the problems in Gem Village and decided to extend its helping hand to the community. Most villagers were not even able to afford the basic necessities of life, but GHNI used its Transformational Community Development (TCD) principles to bring hope and prosperity to the village. In the last few years, GHNI has helped revive the lives of so many poor and hopeless villagers, helping them realize their dreams. Mama Margret is among many hardworking women who attended TCD classes on farming and food and she has become a role model. She took advantage of the rainy season and planted seedlings she and others received from GHNI. Many planted beans and maize as they are staple foods. Now Mama Margret is happily waiting for the fruits of her labor. She is so grateful to GHNI for the support and capacity building given to the villagers, which has really helped them to realize their potential.  


Transformational Community Development (TCD) Update


TCD has helped transform this farming community. Classes were held to teach villagers how to control pests as well as use minimal amounts of water and still reap a good harvest. The Water Committee is still following up on the water permit, which is supposed to be available next week. The process was delayed due to an official’s illness. The Wellness Committee has been focusing on malaria prevention, including clearing bushes around the compound to reduce the number of mosquitoes. It has also been encouraging villagers to use the latrine to reduce stomach illnesses and cholera.