Farming Bears Fruit

Attir Village, Kenya


Life is really changing in Attir Village through training that is being funded by GHNI and other organisations whose agenda is to raise and change the living standards of the Attir community.


For a long time, the Attir community has been struggling with farming; the fact that pests and locusts invaded their farms didn’t make things any easier for them. Nevertheless, a lot of changes have taken place. GHNI continued mentoring the villagers and networked with the agricultural sectors in giving farmers training on the best ways to farm and take care of their crops.


After training was given to farmers, GHNI gave seeds and pesticides to some of the farmers. During the planting and weeding season, GHNI visited and mentored them. Some farmers never lost hope and have seen the fruits of their hard work. Mama Franca is one of the farmers who trusted the process. She has harvested a lot of farm produce despite the challenges she faced. The harvest has helped her cater for her daily needs and family at large. Franca is really thankful to GHNI for standing by them through it all.


Thank you!