Farming Inspires Ethiopian Villagers

Alishow Village, Ethiopia

Inspired by Personal Enterprise

Kemal is a member of the agriculture/income committee in Alishow, a village within Megaladi.  He is 35 years old and has three children. Kemal loves to work. He is very strong and every day he is on his farm, working. He is also a group leader for the committee and encourages all members to work hard.

Kemal says his life has been changed after he engaged with the Transformational Community Development (TCD) groups. He has his own farm and earned 13,000 Birr (about $640) from selling teff (a special grain used to make injera, a traditional Ethiopian flatbread). Not only is he selling teff, but he kept two quintal (about 400 lbs) of teff for his family. Now he sends his three children to school with his earnings.

Keisha is also one of the group members. She is very strong, 24 years old, and a mother of two. After she saw Kemal’s profit, she engaged herself in work and is the leader of the women’s income generation group. Like Kemal, she has her own farm and produces different vegetables. Recently, she made 6,400 Birr (about $320) from selling them. Keisha greatly helps her family with this income.

No Longer Dependent on Illegal Activity

From a young age, Helma was engaged in contraband business (illegal activity). She is 30 years old, lives in Alishow Village, and has two children. When the TCD workers started working in her village, it was not easy for her to understand what TCD could do for her, and she was against it. However, when she saw the results from her friends, she later joined the groups and started working. From her first harvest, she made 7,000 Birr (about $350)—more than an entire year’s wage from illegal activity—by selling tomatoes, cabbage, and onions.

Jordan had the same attitude as Helma, but he was recently trained in TCD and got 9,000 Birr (about $450) from his work. Both are encouraged and working hard to change their lives.

The Alishow villagers are inspired by the results of such personal enterprise. Thank you for your continued support and partnership with them!


GHNI TCD Worker, Ethiopia