Farming Success

Tuka Village, Ethiopia

Tuno is 38 years old (though he doesn’t look it) and lives in Tuka. He is coached by our Transformational Community Development (TCD) worker, Wako. After he saw the other villagers benefit from TCD, Tuno asked Wako to help him learn. Wako helped him very much and Tuno bought one hundred mango trees from the TCD seedling center. They are growing very well and he recently harvested his first crop and got 17,000 Birr (nearly $850) in sales.

Tuno represents just one of more than 100 families that we have helped in Tuka. Besides the mangoes, he planted 27 papaya and 40 avocado trees. He is very encouraged by his results and has plans for expanding the farm.

Thank you! Your continued support helps GHNI conduct these service programs to increase health knowledge and prevention measures. Many are grateful for your partnership with GHNI!


GHNI TCD Worker, Ethiopia