Father & Son Settle In

House of Esther, Armenia


Apo is from war-torn Syria. His wife was killed in the conflict as they were fleeing. He is seeking to rebuild his life and distance himself from all the horrors of war he has experienced with his son George. Apo and George are currently living in the House of Esther (HoE).  


They have adjusted well to residence at HoE, and both have been very instrumental in getting the HoE readied for additional refugees fleeing other war-torn areas. Considering all Apo and George have been through, both are living stabilized lives and moving ahead in healthy steps toward independence and their lives ahead.  Apo and his son are adjusting well. Apo has a good relationship with the neighbors, so he gets their milk, eggs, and cheese at a discount. He helps them with small repairs and chores.  


Their plan is to continue living at HoE, providing many resources from their own personal history and vocational experiences. They are hard workers and adept at being flexible in their ability to give to many areas of need at HoE.


Currently, HoE needs a heating system as soon as possible that will be adequate for the entire building and the greenhouses adjacent to the main structure. The financial need is 4,800,000 Armenian drams (about $10,000). Additionally, a financial stipend for residents to have adequate food and utilities paid is a current monthly need of over 1,000,000 AMD (about $2,000).


Dan Emig
GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader