Fighting -- An Obstacle to TCD Work

Paletwa Cluster, Myanmar


In this quarter, Paletwa township, Southern Chin State has the same problem as Rakhine as the armed clashes have spread to Southern Chin State. In my previous quarterly report, I had expressed the Transformational Community Development (TCD) movement that was happening in Paletwa township after the first time TCD vision seminar. We have heard news about massive progress for the TCD startup in some villages lead by TCD training participants.


We could not believe that the first time training would have such a big impact on the participants to start TCD in their villages. It was discovered that 19 out of the 29 villages have somehow practiced the knowledge of TCD. We hope to implement the TCD program in Southern Chin State following the lead of the village leaders who came to the training in Paletwa.


However, the current fighting has become an obstacle for the village leaders to continue TCD. Instead, they have to flee from the village. The local news has announced that there are more than a thousand victims in Paletwa township. More than five villages that are implementing TCD are included in the war area. According to our local contact in Paletwa, the victims are in great trouble. They do not have adequate food, proper clothes and shelter. 


Since the road is blocked and the internet connection has been shut down, no organisations from outside have reached them yet. Only some local churches and Community Based Organisations (CBOs) could reach them. Malaria is the biggest health concern there. The Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) do not have proper mosquito nets. So, there is a high risk of malaria. Their camp is around one hour’s trip by small boat. They truly need help as soon as possible.


Therefore, we also would like to plead for more relief for the particular victims out in Paletwa for this coming quarter. According to our champion in Paletwa, there is a great chance for sharing hope to the victims in this situation as we meet their physical needs.


Thank you!