Filling Hearts with Practical Help

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt

Children’s Program

This past month, we distributed school tools to 220 children. All of them are very poor and can't buy these supplies. One hundred and fifty children received school bags. We also took twenty-seven children the local swimming pool and spent the day with them. We plan to teach lessons in Arabic, English, and math.

Here are some appreciative words from the children:

“Thank you for teaching me how to live in peace, be polite, and have a kind heart. Money is the root of every evil thing. I try to respect rules. Thanks for our foundation for kind living, Mr. Azmy and Ms. Kristin.” -Yostina

“I am thankful for my Mum, Dad, and Mr. Azmy.” -Kirlolos, seven years old

“I have hope for my father to heal from Virus C and my Mum to heal, because she is in pain from her bones. Thanks for everything you gave to me.” -Meina, eleven years old

“Thank you for offering to us a foundation to live kindly and for teachers teaching us about love.” -Abou, ten years old

Women’s Program

During the past month in our Women’s Program, we have been teaching on intimacy between spouses, preparing the home for school, being appreciative of hope and grace, and how to make Syrian shawarma (a mixture of shaved meats eaten in a wrap, similar to a Greek gyro). We made a trip to help women and children and did 461 medical eye examinations.

A woman called Magda was in a bad psychological state and totally depressed. We encouraged her to come with us on the trip. A day afterward, she said that this day made a difference in her life. She didn't go out for a long time and was suffering from depression and disease. She was led by depression to the verge of suicide, but her presence with us on the journey brought her closer to us and our message of hope made her feel that she could start her life again. Now she continuously attends lessons with us.

Our plans are to first present lessons on five different topics—true and false hope, giving thanks in difficult circumstances, not surrendering to despair, protection from the winter flu, and working through marital problems—then we will do medical eye examinations. Finally, we will perform five white water (cataract) eye operations.

Farhan & Lydia

GHNI National Field Leaders, Egypt