Finding Hope Through Goats

Jatapara Village, India


I would like to share with you how our Transformational Community Development (TCD) initiative for self-sustaining communities is affecting lives. One story is about a woman named Hoponti. She is a poor married woman with no children. They don’t have enough land that would produce enough food for their daily living for an entire year. They borrow another’s land to farm, and in return, they have to give some portion of their production (crops) to their landowner.


When we initiated the TCD self-sustaining project of giving goats to the poor and helpless villagers, Hoponti asked us to give her a pair of goats. We felt their need and provided them. Now after one year, these goats have grown well and have birthed two kids, but one of them was very weak at birth and did not survive. The other kid is healthy. Hoponti is raising all these goats like her own children. She has great hope for these goats. One day when they are multiplied, it will make her family free from all the financial difficulties.