Finding Independence with TCD

Ɖorgovska mahala, Serbia


Due to the very bad COVID-19 situation, strict measures were set in place, such as a ban on indoor gatherings. We continue to remind people in short visits to take preventive measures due to the spread of the coronavirus and a larger number of patients in Ɖorgovska mahala. We talk about the importance of vaccination and educate them on the facts and myths about the vaccination.


Ivana is a 37-years-old married woman; she is the mother of three children. She experienced domestic violence by her husband and mother-in-law. The husband often came home drunk, harassed and beat them.


In the past, she did not know how to behave any differently. She argued and was not interested in her children, nor directed them to go to school. Her mother-in-law is now part of our Transformational Community Development (TCD) group and Ivana has also come.


The results are fantastic! The relationship between Ivana and her mother-in-law has improved and is impacting the whole household. Ivana began to take on the responsibility to work on herself, to be different, to forgive, to understand, and stop quarrelling. 


Peace started to reign in this family and the husband was surprised by that change. The children are attending school, and Ivana has a desire to work and be independent through microbusiness training. She is grateful to TCD for learning so many things.


TCD Update

  • Water — The inhabitants use clean water for drinking, cooking and washing.
  • Food — Healthy eating with lots of fruits, vegetables and adopting a healthy lifestyle; people are encouraged to have their own gardens in their small courtyards.
  • Income Generation — Raising animals and starting a microbusiness.
  • Education — Parents are encouraged by the childrens’ Education Programme to attend both elementary and secondary school.
  • Wellness — People are encouraged to maintain the hygiene of their living space, to use the toilets, and to be responsible for their health.


Thank you!


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