Finding Refuge and New Hope

House of Esther, Armenia

Allow us to introduce Hratch, a new resident at the House of Esther (HoE). A man in his late 40s, Hratch is from war-torn Syria. He was part of the community security teams for his local church and school in Aleppo and injured his leg during a car bomb explosion by the local moderate rebels.

He sold his belongings—anything that was still left—and managed to send his wife and two children to Sweden (close to his wife’s relatives).  After a year, his wife somehow got remarried in Sweden and refused to help him join them.  

Finding refuge in the House of Esther, Hratch is progressing well. He is a good handyman and helps in many areas of need. He also takes care of a few pigeons and is willing to take care of more animals, should any more be provided to HoE.  

In coming alongside Hratch, the plan is for him to continue living at HoE, advancing in his personal and emotional wellbeing. Currently there is a need for a better system to heat the entire building and green houses for reduced utilities cost, but we need to raise $15,000 for it.

GHNI Project Volunteer