First Microbusiness Seminar on Zoom

MH Village*, Myanmar


We have made a small progress this month regarding the Microenterprise Programme in the community. Despite the uncertainties and challenges to hold training now in the country due to the current political conflict and widespread infections of the Delta variant, our first-time Vision Seminar on microbusiness had been done this month.


The participants were selected by our Champion for the purpose of sharing their knowledge and the lessons taught in the training to their fellow interested villagers. We were able to conduct a total of 12-hours-long training on Zoom platform in eight nights. The training team had covered six selected lessons during the training and emphasised the explanation of revolving loan funds. The aim of teaching the importance of establishing the revolving fund system in the community is to help interested villagers start small businesses which might benefit the family and open opportunities for extra money for the family by using the saving funds. In the other word, they will have a place where they can borrow a large amount of money for business start-up.


The Internet connexion was interrupted during the training, but we were able to transfer the message that we wanted. The five participants are willing to spread the concept of the revolving loan funds to the community home-to-home, and we are moving forward to the next step. Our plan is to help the participants share the microbusiness programme and start the savings process under the community leadership. Due to the economic damage caused by the coup and the pandemic, GHNI will be matching funds that community members contribute to the savings programme to help accelerate the programme.


Thank you,




*For the purposes of safety, “MH Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.