First Time TCD Training in Paletwa Yields Results

Paletwa Cluster, Myanmar


In this quarterly report, I would like to start reporting about the progress of Paletwa Transformational Community Development (TCD). As you have seen in our end TCD report in 2018, we had a great opportunity to initiate TCD programme in Southern Chin State, Paletwa Township. In the training report in November 2018, we ended up with saying the commitment of our participants to do TCD initiatives in their individual communities after the training was great. It was not surprising that the leaders actually started a seed project in November 2018, soon after we left them. Some TCD training participants along with leaders from a Paletwa civic group started cleansing the riverside trashes and bushes in Paletwa town. It was clearly a good start!


Again, in January, another seed project was accomplished by the leading of our TCD participants, some students and members of the civic group. They did another cleansing seed project along the river bank road in Paletwa town.


In January, one of our TCD training participants Saya Toh who came from Kyi Lay Village in Paletwa township had mobilised his village people to do a seed project to make a new and better walking road that connects his village to another village. He cast his vision to his fellow villagers and was able to convince more than ten people. Then they started the work. They finished their work in just one day. Then, the villagers had a better, more convenient road to travel to the nearby village. This is another great start!


One of our TCD training participants in Paletwa, Saya Kyaw had successfully led his fellow villagers to repair the broken wooden bridge in the village road. This road is a small road that fits only a motor bike. The wooden bridge on the road had broken, but the villagers ignored it because they hoped that the local government would fix it for them. However, no one showed up to repair the broken bridge. Then, our TCD participant, Saya Kyaw returned to his village after completing his TCD training in Paletwa. As he had learnt the story about “A Village On the Top of a Mountain” in our TCD lesson, he was not able to ignore the problem, but he thought of finding a solution to fix it themselves, instead of waiting for someone to come and fix it for them. He started talking to people about his lesson learnt and motivated his villagers to solve the problem themselves using local resources. They finished repairing the bridge within three hours using local resources. This is such a great job!


This is another story of making a new road to access to Paletwa town from Yah Chaung Village. This seed project is led by Saya Kan, one of our TCD training participants. Since Southern Chin State is a remote area and undeveloped, the village roads are very narrow and risky. Some villages still don’t have a proper road to access the town. Yah Chaung Village is one of those that still does not have access to Paletwa town. That made our TCD initiator to do this seed project of making a road to give villagers easier access to Paletwa town. Incredible!


Under the leadership of Thawng in January, renovating the village road was successfully accomplished in Kuu-Wah Village. This is just amazing!


Further, in March, Kuan-Chaung Village had achieved a seed project with the participation of the entire village. They all worked together to renovate the village road. Saya Tun who attended TCD training was the leader of this mass movement.


To sum up, it was very encouraging to see the result of the first time TCD training in Paletwa township, Chin State. Our participants are engaged in the TCD programme and they have a big heart for their communities to make transformation. Unfortunately, we have not had a chance to visit them, yet, due to the current conflict and fighting in the areas. We are very much looking forward to working together with those great leaders to make a change in the southern Chin State, sooner or later.


Thank you!