First Wellness, then Hope

Kiwanjani Village, Kenya


Kiwanjani Village is a vast area with more than three thousand households; the majority of the villagers live in poverty with poor shelters. We joined local Transformational Community Development (TCD) volunteers every Thursday to go around in the area and educate villagers about hygiene and sanitation. This education has become helpful to them and many have started requesting for more teaching on the same. We are seeing improvement from the time we began as many have taken the initiative to clean their compound by dumping rubbish into the pit and burning it.


Makena is one among many who really made a good effort to put into use what she was taught. She was very happy and grateful to GHNI for the education on Wellness. We see transformation in her family and she has become a good example to her neighbours.


We are planning to give more TCD training on hygiene and sanitation through the local TCD workers and Wellness Committees to reach out to more people by visiting their homes and mobilising health campaigns to reach a wider audience. Hoping this will bring transformation to the area with regards toward health.


Thank you!



GHNI National Field Leader