A Fish in the Pond

Attir Village, Kenya


After an initial big success in farming activities within the Attir Village community, advancing day by day in terms of farming activities has become routine to Attir farmers. Villagers have been planting food crops and turning them into cash crops which has unsurprisingly really enabled them to raise their own standard of living. This has been of great benefit to most of the people living in Attir and has enabled previously unknown changes to happen. The villagers have now started building houses as a result of the profits earned from successful harvesting of their crops. Parents are now able to pay their children’s school fees and, most importantly, the successful farming has enabled most to meet all their personal family needs.


GHNI has been mentoring Attir farmers in many farming techniques and activities that are taking place in Attir Village. GHNI also saw the opportunity to introduce Attir farmers to fish pond farming. At the beginning, it was difficult for them to accept the concept in that they saw fish farming as a minor business venture, which could not bring much benefit to them. However, GHNI continued to teach its importance and show the benefits and ways of making a profit through fish farming. 


After the community received training on methods and recognised its profitability, the villagers both accepted it and decided to put it into practice. Farmers divided themselves into groups whereby they would share the care of the fish pond and safety of the fish. GHNI gifted  them 100 fingerlings. Farmers really worked hard to take care of the fish pond and are now reaping the benefits with almost 1000 fish in the pond. This has proved to be beneficial to all of them because selling the fish has brought a boost to their daily livelihood. Michael is just one example of the group of the farmers who are really happy and thankful for GHNI’s great coaching in fish farming which complements the other farming activities in Attir. 


Thank you,