Fishing Lessons

Shambani Village, Kenya


Community leader, J. Poopo, shared his thoughts and experiences since GHNI arrived to his village:


"Many have come to our communities with the intention of transforming lives but left the community more crippled than it was before. Many resources have been pumped into the community but no growth occurred. They shifted minds from self-dependency to a parasitic lifestyle. Yes, there was and still is a need for help, but in the right way. The government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), in the name of helping, have contributed to a sense of laziness in our society. Every month, some sort of free token is given anyone without them having to work. Relief food is encouraged but at such a high cost. I have realized that so much has been wasted. The government and NGOs have spent millions on “helping,” when instead they could have been spent less and helped more by teaching sustainability."


"Previously, local leadership and charities did not drill wells and educate villagers about agriculture and harvesting water, or we would have been more successful. We needed to be taught how to fish and not become crippled as you fed us. I have learned so much from GHNI. They teach us not only about resource needs but also help us transform physically, psychologically, and even socially. GHNI never offered me a fish but they coached me on how to fish and offered me the right fishing tools. They loaned me a motorbike, so that I could earn an income, and I have earned enough to buy pipes and seedlings to start an onion and tomato garden. My beloved wife works in our garden and is generating her own personal income. By the time we are through paying back our loan, I will buy a water pump generator and expand our garden. We will become an example to others of how transformation can eradicate the mental crippling of dependency. We will show the community that instead of misusing the tokens they receive and only waiting for more, they too change their mentality and become self-sufficient through GHNI’s help."


With much love and appreciations,


J. Poopo