Flagship Centre Nears Launch

Isiolo Empowerment Centre, Kenya


The GHNI team in Kenya has already done a remarkable job helping villages in our area through Transformational Community Development (TCD) programmes. Our Empowerment Centre will now accelerate and supplement what we are doing every week in the villages. Our training centre is already located in a central place. We cannot place a centre in every village, but this will be a focal centre for already existing villages and an example for millions of villages we are targeting to empower as part of the 2020 vision. This centre will also serve as a training site for TCD programmes for villages surrounding Isiolo, Kenya as a whole, and Africa as a continent.


The training centre is already 95 percent complete, and we have expanded with other programmes such as hairdressing in January 2020. Our fourth group of candidates will sit for their National Technical Student Exam, which will be administered in late November and early December 2020, barring any disruption due to COVID-19.


We are excited to help change the destiny of poor young girls by empowering them with knowledge and hope for their families. Each one is proud to display their month of effort by putting on a uniform they made themselves, and they will soon start making school uniforms that can be sold in the market. 


Thank you!



GHNI National Field Leader