Fleeing for their Lives

Refugees in Jordan


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This past quarter we met *Najib, who is from Mosul. Najib used to own a factory for heavy tools and machines. He owned a car and his own house.  On October 10, 2014, a violent group entered Mosul. Those of a certain faith fled the city and headed to Telkaif. Najib and his family left as well by car. Many community centers and schools received the families, some of who had to stay in a tent. It was very crowded, but Najib and his family stayed in one of the community centers until June 29, 2015.


One of Najib's friends called to tell him, “It’s peaceful and you can return. The invaders will not do you any harm. Come back and don’t be afraid.” Najib thought to himself that living in a tent was harder than living in a home--their own home. Based on this call, they went back on June 29, 2015.


Najib wanted to go to his factory and workshop, but the workers there called him and said, “Don’t come back now, as the violent group is using it.” On July 4, 2015, the invaders attacked his house. Three cars stopped in front of his home with guns and entered his house. They were about to kill him, so his wife let out a terrifying scream. One of them hit her on the chest with his foot and pushed her onto the floor. She had fallen at a sharp angle and harmed her head, and she fainted.



The violent men threw them outside their own home.

Najib begged them to give him his papers and passports. They humiliated him by beating him hard in the street in front of his house, till finally they threw his papers at him. Najib was crying while sharing his story. He said it was like a horror movie. “There are no words I can use to describe the way I felt and the way they treated me and my family.”


Najib took his children and placed them in his friend's house and took his wife to the hospital. She stayed for two days. The violent men attacked his wife one more time in the hospital, throwing them out of the hospital and into the street. They literally threw them out. Najib's wife is now partially paralyzed. The family fled to Kurdistan, and they arrived in Jordan on January 18, 2016.


We distributed heaters and gasoline among the refugees during the winter. We had a medical day when we distributed 300 eyeglasses to needy members, as well as offering examinations of urinary tracts.


Syrian Refugee Families in Jordan


Recently we had the honor of hosting 70 Syrian refugees with disabilities, including 40 adults, 10 youth, and 20 children. We shared a word of encouragement with the families and had a simple program for the children. They heard how greatly valued they are and received a gift just before lunchtime.


It was a great day of sharing quality time, getting to know the families, talking and chitchatting over the meal. Finally each family went home with a food box to enjoy the encouragement for the next two weeks.



GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader


*For the purpose of safety and well-being, “Najib” is a pseudonym for the person being helped by this project.