Flooded with Students

Our Women’s Empowerment Centers (WEC) are run very well by our GHNI staff. The girl and boy students continue to regularly come to learn English. Now that the girls and boys are in the class together, they are enthusiastically attending in two class times. Those who are good in English come in first, and then others who are weaker come to the second class. 

Additionally, we teach Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons to the students as well. In the last two lessons, I taught them how to become self-sustainable using their own mental, physical, local, and natural resources. These eager learners not only study TCD, but they also do their homework and teach their families. Most of them will roleplay and memorize the TCD lessons. I have posted written stories in English to the wall, and I had given some English lesson videos to Layla that she plays through a USB and projector. It is very interesting for all the students because they can see and listen to real English, and they can easily correct their mispronunciations. There are now 60 students in all.

For the women, we also offer literacy and health courses. They usually come twice a week to learn from our staff woman. *Samira has experience with teaching midwifery, birthing, health lessons, literacy, and TCD lessons. There are about 25 women attending our health and literacy classes. We provide some cookies, juice, and fruits to all who come to learn at the Women’s Empowerment Centers. 

In addition to classes, we distribute various strings and cotton to the 20 poorest women, teaching them skills for self-sustainability. Now they are happy and trying to make good, quality handicrafts to sell in the markets.

Thank you!


The GHNI-Afghanistan Team