Focusing on Health and Hygiene to Stop Coronavirus

Sindh Province, Pakistan


When the novel coronavirus broke in Iran, it quickly spilled over to neighbouring Pakistan as returning Shia pilgrims brought it back with them. The Shia pilgrims were returning from visiting shrines in Iran, and they mostly came back to the Sindh Province.


Now the epicentre for the COVID-19 epidemic in Pakistan is here, as most people are illiterate and do not have TV or smartphones. GHNI, through our in-country partner, has been giving them instruction about how to avoid catching or passing on COVID-19, including giving out hygiene kits (Dettol soap, towel, gloves, face masks and literature). We have been able to reach 20 different villages, and we met nearly 1,500 people. During this visit, we shared health lessons on how to wash hands and clean their homes. 


In the past few days, we have seen that most villagers haven’t heard about the coronavirus. The simple programmes are helping equip these ostracised communities to have a better chance of staying healthy. 


In another village, when we discussed COVID- 19, villagers were shocked and said they hadn’t heard about this disease. We shared with them how to prevent the spread of this virus in their village. After the programme, the village head said, “We are very thankful for your efforts to come and share about our safety.”  They decided to go to another village to share what they learnt with others. 


Health and Hygiene Update

  • Village visited - 20
  • People reached - 1500
  • Hygiene Kits - 500 


Thank you!


Partner TCD Worker