Food Relief Managed by Villagers

MH Village*, Myanmar


The situation in this Transformational Community Development (TCD) village has improved a little these days compared to the other regions in the country. There have not been severe COVID-19 cases as well as political conflicts in the area. As a result, the community members are resuming their planting and other agricultural works near the village. It is likely that the community will have their earliest harvest again before the end of this year.


The GHNI staff team has been working closely with the Champion, Man of Peace, and TCD committees in the village virtually and on phone connections. The committees still take an important role when it comes to identifying needs and resources, supervising the projects and engaging the community to focus on rehabilitation programmes.


This quarter, the team focussed on planning an Income Generation programme which might bring long term benefits for the community. We started Micro-Business training using the Zoom platform. The training went well regardless of a few connexion problems. The five participants are engaged in transferring their knowledge to the community members who might be interested in joining the Micro-Business programme. When the vision casting process has been accomplished, the accountability groups will be set up and we will be ready to initiate the Micro-Business programme through the Revolving Loan Fund approach. This plan will lead the community towards rehabilitation and sustainable family business.


During this transition period, GHNI continued to provide monthly food relief for those who are vulnerable in the village. Under the Champion and TCD committee’s management, the food contribution is effective and efficient. The committees are functioning and are capable of identifying the community needs and solving some of their problems by their own efforts. A young lady who received her portion of rice for her family said, “I am grateful to receive this rice support monthly. We don’t own a farm or land. We have to go to the forest and search for bamboo shoots for sale in this rainy season. And it is very dangerous now to go to the forest. Our family is struggling in this hard time. If we have a little rice in the kitchen, that’s a big relief for our family.”


Our plan is to continue to support rice relief until the end of this year as the community is still struggling in their transition period. We expect that the majority will have their harvest again by early next year. Also the Income Generation Committee may be ready to start small businesses during this transition sooner or later.


TCD Update

  • Water – The community normally has access to clean water during this rainy season.
  • Food – GHNI continues a food relief programme for the community. The entire community gets their portion each time. The TCD committee does the management.
  • Income Generation – Micro-Business training was conducted online. We have made a little progress regarding the revolving loan fund. Five community members were trained as trainers, and they are spreading their knowledge to the other villagers. Our champion is assisting them from behind. We are expecting more training will be done and accountability groups may form in the next quarter.
  • Education – Education has stopped across the country. And it is not resuming yet. However, a few children do home learning and attend tutoring outside of school programmes.
  • Wellness – COVID-19 has been spreading in the community for a couple months. Fortunately, it is at a moderate level and the patients recover in a week or two. GHNI provided COVID-19 relief funds for the community this quarter. The TCD committee is managing the fund to meet the needs of those COVID-19 patients who truly need help.


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*For the purposes of safety, “MH Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.