Food, Water, Health and Education Improve

Binodpur Village, India


This quarter has been very fruitful for Binodpur Village. People started a “kitchen garden” by planting banana and papaya trees!


Right now we have two Transformation Community Development (TCD) volunteers, Panchu and Pankoj. More villagers are continuing to show interest in applying TCD lessons in their daily lives. GHNI has a good platform to transform this village. Now people are very positive about it and it encourages me! 


From this month forward, Binodpur Primary School is going to use water filters. We checked the water and it is now safe to drink! The students are doing well (good water helps!) and most of them made good grades and were promoted to the next class.


After a health screening programme and TCD lessons, students and people on the TCD committee have become serious about a balanced diet.


Two needy families were given 3,000 rupees to buy seed. This will help lift them out of poverty.


Thank you,



GHNI Partner