Foot Massages!

Our hikers stopped in town for a rest, shower and shopping.  They share something that truly brought tears to my eyes.  Read on....

The Appalachian Trail has been teaching us a lot about the richness of life.  We are finding ourselves more reliant on others than we have been in a long time.  Whether its sharing food at camp, borrowing toilet paper because we ran out or hitching rides into town to buy food for our next resupply; every time we've needed help, people have provided for our needs. 

Tonight, two total strangers from a town along our path - Jonathan and Lisa - welcomed us into their home, let us shower, cooked us an amazing dinner and even let us borrow their car to go to the grocery store!  Throughout the evening, they continued to bless us with stories, laughs, and even some foot massages!  During moments like this, I'm reminded of why we are hiking.  We are hiking for others, so they will have an opportunity to change their community for the better.  When people offer what they have to one another and seek to simply share, communities grow stronger. This is because sharing ones strengths or passions with others allows the whole community to tap into resources they may not have already possessed. 

The generosity of others we have experienced on and off the trail has made each of us stronger, both physically and mentally.  This is what we want to see in Southeast Asia - communities using what they have to address the challenges they face and in doing so, build stronger social ties to one another.  Communities that do this do better in the long run.  An African proverb captures both lasting poverty alleviation and the hike:  "If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together." 

Our goal is to raise $100 per mile! Will you go with us? Please consider sponsoring one mile; your money will go to support the Transformational Community Development efforts in 4 villages!   

Please help Trey and Maddie reach their goal?  All donations of $100 for the next two weeks will receive a $10 REI Gift Card!  (ends July 20)

READY?  Set!  Go!