Forgiveness - The Key to Mending Emotional Wounds

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt


Women of Ezbit el Nakhl        


We talked about forgiveness and mending emotional wounds. Um Martina (the mother of Martina) said that she was very hurt by her brother because he had insulted her in front of other people five years ago. She is not able to forget it.

After listening to the lesson, she learnt that forgiveness doesn't make you forget what hurt you, but it soothes the pain and opens the door to trust again, so she decided to start forgiving her brother.


During the past three months, we focussed on various lessons primarily about relationships and health. The lessons addressed matters such as the dangers of fire, belittling yourself, a house on the rock, boundaries in relationships, the art of approach, and the dangers of obesity and unhealthy food. Other lessons were about saving money, home budget and wise spending, forgiveness, and making crafts. We also held a thrift store to sell school supplies at affordable prices. 


The plan for the coming three months will be to cover lessons on more emotional matters. Some topics will include boundaries, doubt, joy, laziness, depression, healing of the soul, and preparing for school. In addition, we plan to share about communication between husband and wife and self-control. We will also hold an eye clinic and clothing thrift store. 


Children of Ezbit el Nakhl


Nancy stood up and said that she was beautiful, but she hadn't been taking good care of her appearance and rarely combed her hair. She learnt in the lesson that she is beautiful, so she should keep herself clean and healthy all the time. Also, she should pay attention to her attitude and how she talks. Now she takes care of herself, keeps herself clean, and respects other people.


During the past three months, we focussed on social, emotional, moral and wellness aspects. In the social aspect, we taught a lesson about appearance and opened a temporary store with school supplies like bags, pens and shoes to sell for half the original price to help families keep their children in school. In the emotional aspect, we addressed the main needs of children with a lesson titled “I'm a Hero – Toxic and Hurtful Words”.  We also encouraged play through drawing, colouring and music. In the moral aspect, we talked about conversational etiquette, children's rights, and a lesson titled “I Love Everyone.” In the health aspect, we taught about headaches affecting children and a balanced diet. We also started training six middle school girls how to sew and fix clothes to prepare them for work in the future.


For the coming three months, we plan to address medical, emotional, moral, and social matters. Regarding medical matters, we will teach on caring for our teeth, leukemia in children, and gaurding against colds. Regarding emotional matters, we will learn about failure and success and celebrate the New Year with games, cartoon movies, drawing, and colouring. Regarding moral matters, we will address cheating versus honesty. Finally, in social matters, we will open a clothes and shoes store before the celebratory feast and teach about peace. 


Transformational Community Development (TCD) Update:

  • Income Generation - Sewing Machine Project. We trained 15 women in June. 
  • Education - We are continuing to teach the children (we have around 200 children) about morals and important values. Also, we are continuing to give the women lessons as we have between 100-120 women.
  • Wellness - We gave them health lessons about the danger of diabetes, first aid lessons, and the danger of medical wastes.


Thank you!



GHNI National Field Leader