Forming Up Committees for Transformation

Hoja Bulbulok & Yagnob Villages, Tajikistan


This month was very fruitful, but it was hard for me because I was in the hospital, suffering with kidney stones.  My old friend and former driver volunteered and drove me there. It was very helpful. Moses and Cameron are doing a great job. Moses worked in Talon with Uzbek people, Cameron worked in Murdock, and  Latif worked in his village. I’m focussed on working in Latif’s village, but I worked with Rais Akbar, as well. The entire team is doing a wonderful job. 


In Talon Village, Moses worked with Bobo and several families. They are speaking only Uzbek and can’t speak Tajik. Moses also worked with the local government. Bobo has taken care of our sheep.  We created agriculture and water committees. The Agriculture Committee is now working in the mountains to collect Shira (a valuable herb). The Water Committee is making plans and collecting money for a water project. We have collected about 25,000 somoni (about $2,600) so far. The villagers like our work. In July, we plan to make a small camp for 25 to 50 villagers to offer Transformational Community Development (TCD) training for them. It will be offered to all four villages we are working in.


Moses is doing a great job in his village where he was born. He is doing TCD training and health lessons with his workers. We joined Moses on a visit to the local imam, Davlat. He lost the toes on his feet because he is diabetic. Numan has helped us a lot in the southern area. 


Cameron worked in Murdock with Mahmet, and we created a Water Committee. They are trying to collect money for a water project. He also works with various families and the leper colony. Cameron is also doing a great job. Now 50% of villagers work in the mountain to collect Shira. After Ramazan (or the month of fasting during Ramadan), they sold it. All people who collected Shira gave 30% of their money from Shira for our TCD projects.


I’m working with Akbar in Latif’s village. We collected 95,000 somoni for a kindergarten. We also created an Education Committee. People want to build a kindergarten there. The work is going very good. Of course, we have problems, but there are no serious problems. 


Thank you!



GHNI Partner Volunteer