Free Medical Clinics

Guidiguis & Ngassa Village Clusters, Cameroon


This past June, Ngassa villagers were thrilled to receive 11 Americans on a short-term visit. The team was led by Martins, Shade, and John, our Transformational Community Development (TCD) worker. Our TCD partner in Cameroon, Amina, and her husband, Geofrey, led a second team that included Dr. Corgan, Dr. Vanessa, and three others who joined the American team to the village. Their purpose was to hold medical clinics and hand out medication for free to the poor and sick in Ngassa. The clinic could not be held that day, due to an administrative bottleneck at the Ministry of Health. The villagers’ joy seemed to be short-lived, but they felt very loved.   


The Americans had to leave the next day, but left the medications meant for Ngassa villagers. They magnanimously agreed to hand over the medications to Dr. Corgan. The team also had a wonderful opportunity as they visited with the governor and his family, as they treated them and handed them medications and glasses. Dr. Corgan, after resolution of the administrative issues, got more doctors and nurses, and was back to Ngassa at the end of June. After a long day of consultation, they were able to treat 215 locals and handed out medications to all of them for free. It was a happy day in Ngassa as many were helped.


Thank you!


GHNI National Field Leader