Freed from Commercial Sex Work

Shambani Village, Kenya

We are overjoyed by the transformation that has happened in Shambani Village. Shambani has never been as promising as it is today. Before this transformation, there was a huge school dropout rate for both girls and boys. Lack of basic necessities led to girls engaging in commercial sex work, getting pregnant, dropping out of school, and eventually getting involved deeper in that livelihood.

Our excitement continues for our Empowerment Center with the sewing classes that have helped to rehabilitate life for such girls who were disadvantaged! Caroline is one of the girls who became psychologically challenged, depressed, and confused. But her situation changed for the better after a series of counseling sessions and helping her see what her future held through what she was currently doing. Now, through the Empowerment Center sewing class, the hope she had lost has been restored and she is back in school.

Right now, Caroline is among the best in her class and someone to learn from. She has brought others back to school through discussions with them on what transpires out of commercial sex work. She said it used to be a prison without walls that she had to fight to come out of. But now, she has regained focus on the future that she wanted all along!