Friends Growing Together

When villagers catch the vision of Transformational Community Development (TCD) is when the transformation truly begins.  GHNI-Ethiopia shares the story about how one woman grew a contagious passion for her village’s TCD Food Committee.


Mudiyambo Village, Ethiopia

“When we started work in Mudiyambo Village, there were very few people who accepted this vision but now the entire village has taken to the idea of TCD! There are now six women’s groups engaged in agricultural activities.

“Aberu is one of the group members. She and her friends told us how much they have benefitted from the Food Committee training.  Aberu and her friends are producing cabbage, carrots, potatoes, peppers and other different kinds of vegetables. Their income is growing fast -- now most of them generate up to 5,000 Birr ($250) per harvest and have four harvests per year.

“Most of the women in the village are so excited about their increased income that they often spend the whole day in their field. They have developed a passion to grow food!”