Friends for Life

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt


Children of Ezbit el Nakhl

We taught the children lessons of slowing down, doing good, and choosing the right friends. We also had some drawing lessons. At the beginning of the second semester, the lesson on choosing a friend was critical. In that lesson, we demonstrated that good friends will lead a person to success and progress, while other types of friends will eventually lead to failure and loss.

A teenage girl told me that some of her friends are bad, as they lack basic ethics and morals. She accepted them to be her friends so that she could teach them how to be good and help them succeed. However, after this lesson, she discovered that she can’t accomplish such a mission all by herself. She realized she learned to do inappropriate things from those friends and unnoticeably, they affected her instead of her affecting them. Thus, she decided to stay away from them and draw nearer to truthful friends who have ethics and morals. She added that she enjoyed the lesson very much because it really saved her from those bad friends. Some other children really loved the day when we taught them drawing and coloring. They liked that it was a different kind of day for them as they made handiwork, and the day was full of joy and happiness.


Women of Ezbit el Nakhl


Acceptance is one of the most important subjects in our modern world, especially for oppressed women. They are often under the most pressure because of the people around them or from their closest relations. I taught them how important it is to accept, love and appreciate one’s self, as well as others, even if there are differences in thoughts, appearances, or principles.


After about a week, Mrs. Narges came to tell us her story. She said that she was about to commit suicide and that she had repeatedly thought about it. She hated her life and all the people around her because of her husband’s ill treatment of her. She felt she had no value and that she was not accepted. However, after she heard the lesson and realized that we all have faults but need to love and accept one another, she came to understand how we all need each other. At that moment, she recognized how important she is to others and how she should focus on the advantages and positive points in her character. She added that she even discovered wonderful features in her personality that she has never noticed before.


She started to love and take good care of herself instead of thinking of committing suicide. All this because she realized her own value in the world. Nowadays, she is training herself to accept others, like her husband. She wants to accept him with all his mistakes and flaws, and she desires to accept her son as well. What an encouraging story!


GHNI National Field Leader