The Fruits of One’s Labor

Isiolo Empowerment Center, Kenya


We are proud to share a story of sweet determination and hard work that has led to success. And we are proud because it’s a deserved success and we are just part of the story.


Rose is 27 years old and is one of the beneficiaries of the micro lending tailoring and dress making program. Rose says we all have dreams, but in order to make dreams become reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort. Everyone can want something, but few have the determination and patience required to get what they desire. 


Rose is married to John and blessed with two children. When we see the progress that she has made to this day, we tend to think that everything good was laid in her path, but we are so wrong. Her hard work and refusal to play the victim role is the reason she is where she is today.


Rose was passionate about getting educated as she saw it as the way she could escape the poverty in her home, but she wasn’t so lucky. After completing her secondary education, she couldn’t continue as her family could no longer afford to keep her in school. This was a period of desperation for her as she tried to figure out what to do with her life now that education was no longer an option for her. She decided to become a casual laborer in an effort to make ends meet. The income she got was hardly enough, but she pressed on and worked diligently for one year.


After one year, Rose joined GHNI’s Empowerment Program in an effort to learn life skills that would change her destiny but because of family challenges, she could not continue with classes. She worked as a casual laborer once again in a nearby town and saved some money to put towards a business. GHNI loaned her some money due to her hard work and she decided to start a bakery business. As with any business, starting was the hard part but she pressed on. She ran her business from her home, where she made hard cakes (kagumu) and sold them at a local market. Her hard work soon paid off and she began seeing some profits and the business began to expand rapidly. Her hard cakes soon became very popular.


In 2018, Rose joined a self-help group where she found other entrepreneurs who were also passionate about making a difference in their lives. She joined a merry-go-round and table-banking venture from which she benefited greatly. Coupled with the continuous mentorship and business advice she received from GHNI, she was equipped with knowledge and information crucial for the growth of her business. With the progress she has made during the first few months, we can only expect her business to continue thriving and we will be there to support her every step of the way.


GHNI National Field Leader